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William H. Foege talk at UW

William H. Foege talk at UW

Today I got to attend a talk by William Foege, “Bill” as we were told to call him, at my university. If you do not know who he is check out the wikipedia article on him. It was a really inspiring talk, he seemed really personable, not at all like Richard Dawkins. Don’t get me … Continue reading

Originally posted on Streetcolor:
Luke Haynes – textile artist and quiltmaker  – yarnbombed this house / storefront on Capitol Hill in Seattle , Washington on Sat .  Sept 25 with a group of 17 yarnbombers . The yarnbombing was to prepare for the opening of bookstore . 3 Great Things About This 1 . This…

About not having a camera…

I am so frustrated!! I have four FINISHED knitting projects I want to share, but I only have a webcam as of now. If you’ve read my previous posts you know that both my iphone and my camera got stolen while I was traveling. Tragic in many ways, but now I can’t blog! I know … Continue reading


Hello craftingcollege! Sorry about the long hiatus from posts, but I have been traveling, and got my iphone and camera stolen, so I haven’t had much time or media to post with. I have half a knitting project done that I will share soon as well as some crafts I witnessed traveling, but it’s going … Continue reading

Finding a Yarn Store

Finding a Yarn Store

Originally posted on Summer in Pescara:
I found an adorable yarn store, although I can’t promise I’ll be able to find it again. I found it while out on a bike ride through town. I was looking for either liquor or some good looking pastries, so I was just wandering around. I’m still not sure…

… I made this Blog.

Hello! I’ve been doing many new and random activities lately, and realized nobody in my current little engineering world really appreciates them. I find that while I’ve devoted my life to the profession of bioengineering, and hold to that, I have many varied interested outside of this world.  Maybe some of you are the same, … Continue reading