About Me

I’m currently an undergraduate in engineering, and my life is not all fun and games. In fact, it’s mostly none at all. If I had the power to make good decisions I would be doing homework or working on my research every spare moment I had. The fact of the matter is, though, is that I love taking a break from science and engineering and getting a project done. I always have something in the back of my head that I want to be working on, and I won’t have a moment’s peace until I’ve followed through with it. Most people call it crafts, but I’ve never considered myself a “crafty” person. I like to be creative and productive, if you can consider things that don’t actually need to be done productive. I guess you can say I just like to create things. This is the reason I became an engineer. I love seeing something tangible come out of the work that I do. Both of my sisters are artists, so I will never claim to be that. I just like to take a break from the differential equations that are my life and escape into a place where I know I can do no wrong.

photo credit http://sanghyuncho.com/blog/

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Think of Leonardo DaVinci — he was an artist and engineer. Taking creative breaks recharges your batteries for the everyday stuff we do. :-)

  2. so glad im not the only girl out there that has a love of crafts–but is also an engineering major. I’m an undergrad mechanical engineering student in Lacey, WA. love your blog!

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