Weekend trip to Port Townsend

My friends and I took the long weekend as a chance to get out of the city. We headed to Port Townsend, about two hours away including a decent ferry ride. The weather on Saturday was beautiful, though cold.



It was an amazing two days, filled with good food, adorable shops, antique malls, fireball spices cider, and a hot tub. I love getting away from the big city and day to day life, so this was the perfect weekend trip to do with close friends (especially during the time of year where camping is less pleasant).


I got a tube of knitting needles with at least 10 sets in it that will really help fill out my collection (although they are in UK sizes so that kind of threw me off).

We also stopped by a boutique yarn store that helped get some of my friend interested in knitting. I managed to get Chris (seen above with the cider) to learn to knit a little while ago, but he finished his first project, a head band ear warmer, this weekend!














I would recommend Port Townsend to anybody in Seattle as a weekend trip, or to travelers interested in the quirkier/beautiful corners of the world.




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One thought on “Weekend trip to Port Townsend

  1. I agree, Port Townsend is a pretty interesting place, I’ve been there a few times including a couple of so ferry rides from Victoria, Canada. As for your knitting needles, you can check this table: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knitting_needle#Needle_gauge. Or get yourself a needle gauge (a 6″ knitting ruler with holes in it) that lets you size your knitting needles so you can convert them to US sizes. I also have an iPhone app for sizing needles that you might find less expensive http://www.ashlandsky.com/as/apps.html

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