My Firefox Halloween Costume!

I got a little over excited with  Halloween this year, and ended up only getting to go out once in this costume. My bioengineering professor decided that as 21 year old college students we really needed to have a midterm the day after Halloween (makes a lot of sense). So I didn’t get to enjoy the holiday fully.

But, I did make this costume that I’m very proud of! It wasn’t as much of a hit as the Black Swan and Dexter Victim costumes were last year, but I had a lot of fun wearing. I dressed up as Firefox (yes, the web browser). I tried to create a ombre color scheme down my body from orange to yellow, just as the fox does in the logo. I bought yellow tights and an orange fishnet top/sleeves and an orange bandeau. I sewed the skirt to the fishnet using various shades of orange/yellow. I bought a basic set of fox ears and tail that brought the fox look together! To make it clear I was being Firefox the browser not just and overly orange hued fox I bought a beach ball. I used the extra fabric from the skirt to make a flame like band that I epoxyed (then gorilla taped when the epoxy failed) to the globe, then I wore it around like a purse. I wish I could have found an darker globe to match the logo, but I think it got the point across.

This costume was really fun and a hit with all of the computer nerds out there (which there seems to be more and more of these days, but maybe that’s just my life).

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