Crochet in Italy

I’ve witnessed some quite amazing crochet in Italy. Things I would love to be able to make and do. Crochet still bewilders me and I am barely able to do a basic stitch. Physically I understand the idea of how the fabric is made, with one continuous loop instead of many (as in knitting). I find knitting very easy for me to comprehend though; there is really only so many variations in the stitches, it always has to follow a basic grid pattern. My mathematical brain enjoys this and it’s what allows me to come up with my own designs. Crochet seems like crazy uncontrolled weaving to me.

That being said I am determined to learn how to do it… someday. As of now I will appreciate from afar the amazing pieces of lace the European ladies are making. Many places you travel in Europe you will find a stall filled with beautiful crochet lace with an elderly lady sitting beside it, working on a new piece. Every time I found one I attempted to talk to they about their craft, but most of the time there was too much of a language barrier or they were too busy trying to sell me things to just talk to me. Oh well, I can understand that. Here’s a picture of a stall in Sorrento, near the Marina Grande:

Here’s my friend Giovanna and I with Marina Grande in the background:

These are the pieces that I was deciding between getting:

I ended up getting this one:

I really wish I could have visited the island famous for lace making in the Venetian lagoon, but I didn’t have time (or money) to attempt that. There was however a surprising amount of crochet skill to be found in Croatia, almost as much as in Italy. In Zadar, Croatia specifically there was one whole street filled with these ladies working on their crafts. Sometime I think about just packing up and doing some crafts and street performing in Europe for a living… how peaceful.

Anyways, these women have really inspired me to try out crochet. I’m thinking I’ll start next spring as really the only thing I desire to crochet is really lacy pieces for summer.

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