So I know it’s not quite Headband Season yet

But I couldn’t help myself. I knit this last night as I caught up on some American television (clearly taken advantage of my last few days in Italy). This is an extremely easy pattern, and my first on circular needles woo! Get ready for some webcam fashion shoot! I’ll try and take high quality photos as some point soon.

Here’s the pattern:

Needles: Size 10.5 circular needles

Yarn: Any sport weight yarn will do, this is an acrylic, but I’d recommend wool for those chilly times!

I cast on 70 stitches, but this is just slightly too big. I like the way it sits most of the time, but it’s just on the edge of slipping off sometimes. So, I’d say 60 or 65 stitches, maybe do a gauge yourself and determine how loose you like your headbands. Some people hate them too tight because the “pop off” their head, but to loose is bad too, so this one is up to you!

To get the twist in the head band make sure you twist your cast on stitches once, then begin the first row. I should probably look up a technical term for this right now, but I’m feeling lazy. Feel free to put it in the comments!

The pattern then goes as follows:

1) Knit 4 rows

2) Purl 2 rows

3) Knit 3 rows

4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 three more times

Cast off (knitting the stitches of the cast off row)

And there you have it! A beautiful twisty headband that really cuddles your ears! If you’ve read my previous posts about headbands you know I really value the ear warmth they provide, more than the fashion most of the time. This one will be great for keeping your ears warm as the fabric created has a slight tendency to curl in as the edges are stockinette stitch, which is perfect for an earwarmer! I want to make another one of these in a chuncky white yarn; I used the dark green mostly because it’s one of the only yarns I have with me in Italy that’s a larger gauge. I could also see this looking good in red or other wintery colors, it will look so cozy! Okay, here’s the photo shoot! Enjoy and feel free to comment any questions, I know my patterns are pretty rough!

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6 thoughts on “So I know it’s not quite Headband Season yet

  1. A really cute headband! And I think you can never start too early knitting headbands, gloves and other cute accessories for fall and winter because I always want to try another pattern or another color or whatever variation after finishing the first item!

    • That’s true, I think you’re supposed to kind of work a season ahead so that your projects will be finished and you can utilize them, but I normally have a hard time getting in the mood to knit them! So I guess it’s a good thing I’ve started to want to knit for fall/winter (as I guess it’s already September…)

  2. Really cute! And starting to knit your fall and winter accessories when you’re already freezing your ears and fingers off would be far too late, wouldn’t it? This is the best time for it.

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