About not having a camera…

I am so frustrated!! I have four FINISHED knitting projects I want to share, but I only have a webcam as of now. If you’ve read my previous posts you know that both my iphone and my camera got stolen while I was traveling. Tragic in many ways, but now I can’t blog! I know when I’m home my roommates will probably let me borrow their cameras for blogging purposes (hopefully) but as of now I have nothing. I might try and get my host mom to let me borrow her camera but she already thinks I’m irresponsible, so I haven’t told her about my stolen things. Ugh. I also had amazing pictures already on my camera wearing my knitted things while traveling, as well as some crafts/crochet/knitting people I met abroad that I wanted to put in my blog. This sucks. I will get these posts to you soon! Even if they do just end up being webcam shots. Bleh.

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