… I Designed a Seed Stitch Wrap Headband

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I love this head band! I’ve been knitting a lot of ribbed and lace patterns lately so it was really nice to take a break and knit something textural like this. This headband turned out exactly how it looked it my head! Love it when that happens. It also took exactly the amount of yarn I had left in this color, about 100 yards.

This is a very simple pattern! Worked in flat. Cast on 9 stitches on size 7 needles. Use any average worsted weight yarn. Use seed stitch, or moss stitch, to knit a very long band. (knit one, purl one, repeat to end). This stitch will allow your fabric to be less stretchy which is useful in this pattern because we don’t want it stretched too much or it will become to thin and won’t warm our ears. Knit the band to a length where it can be wrapped around your head twice with stretching.

Once you’ve cast off sew the long strip into a closed circle. Now you must twist your loop so that it crosses in the middle, and fold it so that you create the linked look in the middle. You can leave your headband as is for a little more versatility, but at this point I sewed the two loops together in the back to keep the from┬áseparating, which helps keep my ears warm, the main reason I love headbands! Let me know if you have any questions! Sorry about the lack of tutorial pictures, this was a very quick knit (about two hours) and I was way to excited about it to stop and take pictures!

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