… I made a glitter Starbucks cup!

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Yes this post gets an exclamation point because this was so incredibly easy and turned out so amazing! My best friend got me the original Starbucks cold cup as a belated Christmas present. It’s originally only $10 but she works at Starbucks so she actually got this for free as they were shuffling merchandise. I loved it! But found it kind of plain as I usually go for more interesting to-go coffee mugs. The original idea is that you can take the outer layer of the insulating cup off and draw your regular drink order on the inside so you can just hand it to the barista and they’ll make it. Even though I’m a barista myself we all have our own symbols we write on drinks and would HATE to hand them a cup presumptuously and have it be wrong. I also order different drinks a lot, I don’t really have a usual.

I do however love this cup because you can detach the layers and wash it in the dish washer, which means I will use it quite often. Hence the idea of glittering came into place. I’ve had a container of glitter around since my high school ASB days, there aren’t as many opportunities to use glitter in college (unless you’re in a sorority or college ASB or such, but I’m not), and I also have spray glossy finish that I used for my painting and my black swan crown. Perfect!

I’m actually going to try and do a tutorial for this one as there are only a few steps. The key in this process is you want to fully anchor a thin layer of glitter to the outside shell of your mug, keeping it completely isolated from the drink container and the outside world.

Step One

Remove inside layer. We don’t need it at all in this process until the very end.

Step Two

Spray a section of the inside of the outer layer with the spray gloss.

Step Three

Add a medium amount of loose glitter.

Step four

Find some sort of lid (I used black cardstock) and shake the cup so you get a thick layer of glitter where you just sprayed. Dump excess glitter out into whatever you’re collecting glitter in (I was using a larger piece of black cardstock).


or the spray gloss will dry leaving a slightly opaque layer. This happened to me around the front of the cup the first time I tried the process, but I got better as I went along.

Step Five

Repeat steps 2-4 until you are happy with the coating of glitter in your cup.

Step Six

While everything is still solidifying put the inside layer back in to made sure it still fits, the insulating space is less that you would imagine. If it doesn’t fit gently rub some glitter off until it does. If you get glitter on the inside layer it’s not a big deal, you will only be removing it to wash it.

Step Seven

Spray an even layer of the spray gloss over all of your glitter. This will seal in the glitter and make it a solid layer so that none will fall off later. Make sure to get none on the outside, you don’t have to do this step all at once. I recommend splitting it up into at least three sections.

Let it dry, put it together, and you are done! Some residual glitter might fall out but that should only happen when you’re separating it to wash. There will never be any glitter in your drink or anywhere else (we all know how glitter is). If anybody tries to do this or something similar please let me know! Enjoy!

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74 thoughts on “… I made a glitter Starbucks cup!

  1. This post is awesome! I just finished making my own sparkle cup. I did a mixture of purple and silver glittler and your tips were very helpful! Thanks!

  2. How did you retry after your spray came out kinda foggy? Do you just wash it or did you buy a new cup?!

    • When I say retry I mean mostly on other sections of the cup. For that one I tried to smush as much glitter as I could into the gloss as it was still partially wet, but there was still some fogginess to it. If that happens you either have to be okay with it and make it the best you can like I did, or get a new cup. The spray gloss isn’t washable.

  3. I just made one…I LOVE it but how do you get that horrible smell from the gloss to go away? I’ve tried soap and I’ve tried baking soda and also letting it sit outside overnight to air out nothing works

  4. Are there other cups you can purchase that don’t have the removable layer? I think I may have bought before I thought about it.

  5. Unfortunately, they don’t all come apart. I have a 20 oz Starbucks cup and it does not separate. I was very disappointed when I discovered that after seeing a cup done with pink glitter. :(

  6. I’m wondering if I could put blue painters tape in and spray around it so I can still have my name on the cup?…
    For the others, I think they may have discontinued the double walled insulated cup, I haven’t seen them in a long time. Maybe check ebay.

      • I was afraid of messing it up, or not liking it. So I went to Michael’s and bought glitter stock scrapbook paper. At least this way I can change it out of I get tired of it ;)

  7. I made one of these but i did a paint the glitter on technique on the inner cup for several layers with an acrylic sealer on the outside. it came out perfect so i e6000 sealed it shut :)

  8. Did this with the Pledge Floor cleaner/sealer – Took the cup apart, put the liquid in the outside layer, gently roll the cup to put liquid all around the inside and then remove the excess cleaner. Dump in the colored glitter and roll the cup around to get the glitter to be a solid color in the cup. Use a paper towel to create a clean line on top so that the glitter was not in the groves for sealing the cup. Still had that chemical smell, but once you seal the cup together again, you can’t tell. Love this!

  9. Great idea! Curls and Q did this! Could not remember where we saw it! We used Mod Podge which gave us a bit more time to sprinkle on the glitter. The cups really look great! I did buy a sealer, but haven’t used it.

  10. I actually did the reverse of this – I used Mod Podge and glitter on the outside of the inner cup because I had more of those than the outer shells….I also left one plain and have been buying glitter or metallic scrapbook paper to “line” the inside :)

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  13. Would it still work if i put the glitter on the outside of the inside layer? because im thinking about making it striped and i think that would be easier. But would i be able to wash it?

    • You could definitely put it on the outside of this inside layer, but I’m not sure it’d hold up in the wash. You’d probably have to hand wash it, which is probably fine as that’s what you’re supposed to do with insulated mugs anyways.

  14. This is brilliant! I have several of these cups! Also, if you’re flighty like I am, you can just cut a piece of glitter cardstock to fit in between the layers of the cup. Then you can change colors whenever you want!

  15. I have one that came with a removable Christmas scene that was between the layers I covered it with tiffany blue glitter, and I also bought some pretty glitter card stock, cheatah print and peacock print paper used the christmas insert as a pattern and cut new inserts so that I have variety!

  16. Hi ! I would like to know how much you would charge for one with gold glitter I would love to do this but just don’t have the time.

    • It has to be a customizable cup that you can put an insert in, not just write on. You can tell if this is the case if it has an opaque rubbery band near the top, this is to keep it insulated when it’s closed. If it doesn’t have that then you can’t take it apart. If it does then it just unscrews.

  17. I am going to try this sometime tomorrow maybe… Where did you get the spray gloss stuff, and when you sprayed it do you spray it on the inside of the starbucks part, or the outside of the other clear part! Haha and how on earth do you take it apar! Sorry for all the questions, just would really like to know how to make it and blow everyones mind at school!

    • I got the spray gloss at an art supply store as a sealer for paintings, but its pretty generic so I’m sure you could find it or something similar at any craft store (Micheal’s, Joann’s). I sprayed on the inside of the Starbucks part because I still wanted to be able to put the inside part through the dishwasher if need be, but from comments it sounds like other people sprayed it on the inside are were successful.

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  24. If you use spray adhesive (you can get a slower drying time spray) instead of gloss its a lot easier. The drying time is a little slower, so you have more time to work with and it gets a solid coating to completely cover with glitter. Just spray quickly about 8 inches away into the cup to prevent cloudiness.

  25. Where exactly did you get this cup at? I looked every where and I can not find it. I really want to do this could you help me? Thank you! :)

    • I e-mailed Starbucks and apparently they no longer make these cups!! I was really bummed out when I got their response! I did find three at one of my local Starbucks, and it was by total chance!! Good luck hon!! Check on-line…someone has to have a similar cup…

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  28. I don’t know how I didn’t think of this myself! I am always looking for ways to add some Glitter into my life. I WILL be doing this to my Starbucks cup this weekend :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  29. I love this idea! I find the cups look very boring and generic. This is bound to get noticed. I have a stash of glitter I knew I’d find a use for.


  30. I just finished making a pink glitter cup and I love it! Thanks so much for the idea! My cup has been sitting in the back of my cabinet for months. Too boring. Not any more!

  31. Such a great idea! Can I offer a suggestion of a muh easier way to glitter-ize the cup? Mix glitter into Mod Podge & paint directly onto the cup liner…allow to fully dry & done! The glitter will not fall off & you can even open it & rinse should you need to! This works for everything!!

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