… My friends and I made Cup Cake Jello Shots

So I bet you were wondering what the second batch of amazing jello shots would be after the cherry pie shots… well here they are! The Valentine’s half of the event’s them was covered by the previous cherry jello, and these cover the Birthday half! The inspiration for these birthday cake jello shots was found here.  We made a few changes to the recipe given and they turned out really well!

The changes we made were:

More Vodka - A full cup instead of the 2/3 cup in the recipe

No Juice - We didn’t think juice flavor and cupcake vodka really went together so we didn’t use any

No Heavy Cream- We didn’t have this, see next substitution

Add Coconut Milk- To make up the rest of the volume that was needed after removing the Juice and cream we added 1/3   cup coconut milk. This added the opaqueness that the cream would’ve added as well.

Add Coconut Extract- Just two drops to the whole recipe, added needed flavor without overwhelming the cupcake flavor.

We simply used small cupcake wrappers in a small cupcake pan (one that you’d normally use for small tarts or muffins) and these tore away really easily! We wanted to make more than this pan held so we put wrappers in other holders and this worked as well as you aren’t actually baking anything. These turned out delicious and just as pretty as the examples!

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