… I made a painting.

Okay, so it might be cheating to make a painting about engineering while I was not doing my homework, but what can I say, in the end I am passionate about it.

This project started out as an abandoned sandwich board. I would walk to class everyday and see this sandwich board on a random area of campus, its arrow pointing somewhere that had nothing to do with bioengineering. For the life of me I could not figure out why it was there, but never thought too much about it (I was late to class most of the time).  Months this sandwich board stood abandoned. I finally came to the conclusion that nobody loved, cared, or would miss this board if I took it. One midnight sandwich board theft later (heavier than they look) I had my canvas.

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with it. Original plans only included using one board, or keeping it as a sandwich board. The plan for the artwork included many varied themes and mediums. Once I figured out that you couldn’t hot glue resistors to the glossy surface of the board I had to rethink my plan. I came up with the idea of detaching the band that connected the board at the top, and instead put them on the sides (picture shown is of the back, the front has the original writing shown below). This connected the boards so that it could still stand up independently and be transported easily, but could also be hung on a wall or laid flat.

Now the boards were set up this way I was inspired by the way the arrows were pointing towards each other. I could think of nothing better to put in between them than the logo of my current university (I suppose they deserve some credit, it was their sandwich board).

After this I let inspiration take over, and you can see the final project for yourself! To be clear, the hands are knitting the DNA together, and if you follow my blog further you will see that I am an avid knitter. Fun fact: in the corners the DNA is modeled all the way down to individual molecules, completely accurate!

For this project I used glossy acrylic craft paint that is recommended for surfaces resistant to being painted permanently, such as glass. this type of paint is inherently hard to cover things with, so I needed to use multiple coats. This is very difficult to do for a real art piece, so I am very please with the results.  Once done with the paint I sprayed a glossy finish over the top to ensure none of the acrylic w

as scratched away.

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